I think my well pump just died?


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Kirk, the part above ground hasn't been hit. From the symptoms ( and it has been like this since new) a well company said that the fracking might have pushed the casing out of the bedrock or whatever the upper section of casing sits in. This is from 20 years ago and I had never heard of fracking at the time. I figured the drillers might have been new at it and used too much pressure or something.

I did not hire the well drillers and the contractor that did kept telling me the water would clear up but it never did.

Right across the street maybe 200 feet from my well, they went down 850 feet and gave up. Another neighbor has a dug well. I don't remember about the others. I'll have to ask at the 3 new houses that have drilled wells.

I put regular bleach in it when brand new, also ran the water til it was dry. Kind of interesting that in March or April it's often the worst. One year I ran the hose on a snowbank and had red snowpiles !!
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Pixie, I had to replace the pump a few years ago. Well is 540’ with pump at 500’

It was about $1,300 for pump and labor.



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105' on mine and the last time i pulled it i cut 3 long poles and made a pyramid over it with a pulley.
time before i used the tractor bucket. it didn't lift straight.
i also replaced the heavy iron pipe with a thick schedule plastic. much easier putting in. i assembled it on the lawn and two of us just lifted it in. plastic bends so it wasn't bad. i think my pump is 4ft from bottom.


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Ours kicked out again last week. It took a couple days to figure out as it would reprime but lose pressure every few hours. What happened was one of the toilets upstairs was fd and kept running so that drained the well and kicked up sediment which plugged up my 2 filters. Filters changed. Toilet fixed. Been good.
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