I hate wet snow !!


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It is a pain in the ass to plow . My 8 foot snow plow is spring loaded to break over if i hit something hard with it . it never gives me a second of trouble with dry snow . In wet snow it is always breaking over as I scrape down to the ground . I know its a safety factor for my tractor but I ought to tighten up the springs and hope for the best !!!:sad:

Well I guess I better go do some more plowing . It has turned warm and we have 6" of slush & pack ice everywhere


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I thought you hooked up your blower. If you covered the auger and chute with Fluid Film, will that blow all that heavy crap out?

I can move the slush off the road quicker with the front plow . The blower will eat through anything in its path

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Al there is no shortage of wet snow back east which i s why most plows made there have trip edges only. that is what i have on my truck and it does a spectacular job


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I hate snow, PERIOD!

For those who like it, I hope you get my share, I mean, everyone has their own brand of fun.....