I got an email from Jim Slagle's sister.


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This explains why we did not hear back from Jim during his time in the hospital.

Follow up from Jim’s Slagle’s sister

When I just sent the previous message I had not realized I would be able to view all the posts. I’m so glad at least you guys were aware he had passed. He went into total kidney failure and got very weak very fast to the point he couldn’t use his phone or iPad even to contact family members. If I had not been banned from visiting due to covid I might have been able to talk with him to get access to the forum and keep you guys updated. Words can’t express how much all the posts from the forum members and the memory trees mean to us. I had wondered who had thought enough of him to do that. And you guys are so right, he was a very sweet thoughtful man and will be sorely missed.

Her previous message informed me that Jim had passed in Dec. She was not aware that we knew.


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I lost a life long Navy buddy in November. We stayed in touch for 50 years after I got out. He was named Jim as well. Then I heard about Jim S. whom I never met or spoke to over a phone. We traded some emails over the years and of course here. They say bad news comes in bunches but I hope this time is an exception. What more can I say about Jim that has not already been said by everyone here. My Dad used to say that growing old ain't for wimps. He was so right.