Husqvarna 350


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It's got an 18" chain on it and is plenty big enough for anything I'll need in a chainsaw. I picked it up last year for less that 200 on ebay and it hasn't let me down yet.

Last fall, I put a new bar and chain on it then it basically a sat all winter unused. Yesterday I decided to tackle a large balsam tree that fell on the property during the winter. I sliced through it like a hot knife through butter. 20210506_114135.jpg


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I have 3 husky's. Two Rancher 55's and a 460 with 18"

I like them all.

The 55 is light and easy to use. dependable. The 460 is a brute

My only complaint is the shock absorbing system makes it harder to do a straight 90% cut

The wife bought a 48" Husky riding mower for the ranch. With hydrostatic drives on the wheels and blades, an excellent product. As most Husqvarna's are