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Blackfoot Tucker

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Those are cool!

Eons ago, Stratton Mountain, a ski area in Southern Vermont, used those for their snowmobile needs. I don't remember seeing them anywhere else and back then there were a whole bunch of snowmobile manufacturers, such as Harley Davidson, Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury, Sno-Jet, Scorpion, Rupp, Moto-Ski, Skiroule, and a slew of others.

The Hus Ski machines were made by Bolens, and the follow-on model was the Diablo Rouge, not surprisingly painted red instead of yellow. Bolens is a name that's rarely seen today, but back then they were pretty well respected for their lawn tractors...

Track Addict

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On the 442A thread I had one. Be careful not to crush your hand against the seat climbing snowbanks.

Very capable machines. Little workout. One with a modern motor would be fun.