How many are prepared


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With all the world events that just keep happening, how many folks are prepared for:
Another pandemic
Financial collapse
Civil war
Fuel shortages
Hyper inflation
All of these topics are on the table and more.


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All the pandemic food and housing programs are ending. The economy is in recession and soon there will be a lot of folks that been living off of the teet of the state because it paid more than working, are going to be in a world of hurt. We are living history right now. Paying off everything you own, should be a priority. If you lost your job tomorrow, where would that leave you and your family?


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Yes, I'm reasonably prepared without being totally paranoid about it. I've been a country boy for the last 25 years so being prepared is just something that we do naturally.

We have friends in Dallas who, in the last 10 years, have gone completely OTT (Over The Top). It's frickin' incredible. I'm not going say anything about their preparations, but if anything goes wrong, it might end up that they are the only two people left on Earth.


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in a nuke exchange, anyone in a near-target area, or downwind, will need six months, minimum, underground.
very few have bunkers to make that possible. and depending on location, people with "big bunkers deep in the mountains . . ." will be fatally exposed, or dead, before they can get there.

having food stuffs/canned water/etc "on hand" is not really going to be sufficient preparation for a n-war or EMP taking out everything electrical/electronic.

reality, just the reality . . .


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Part of my plan is take what I need from the same people who caused the problem.
Good point. We must be prepared to deal with those who got by in life for free by taking from the Gubmint. They will turn and try to take from those of us who have prepared.


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can't blame you for that - there will be no winners in a nuke exchange.
I agree with that statement, you can be as prepared as anyone, but survival in that situation it would come down to luck.
EMP would be a different story. I have done research on that, what I found is vehicles with points would likely be un effected, if the battery survived it would run. You can buy an apparatus that is military approved to protect car, house or generator. it costs around $350.00
Solar panels would mostly be un effected or slightly lose efficiency. You can build faraday cages rather cheaply. Might be smart to do the house and a vehicle. I think equipment stored inside a container that is grounded my work also.So after the fact you had solar and a generator you would be way ahead of most others. The grid would be down around a year or so unless we would get invaded during that time, then all bets are off. Where we are right now I would be more surprised if something didn't happen.