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How can i fix this with her?


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So this girl is my fiancee. For like 2 years now, we are in a distance relationship. We used to talk and have fun together and text pretty much every time. But since like 6 months now she is acting very weird, like being cold, taking longtime sometimes a day or two to respond to my texts or seeing them and not responding. And all this time I've been acting patient and aloof knowing that I should not chase her because its might be a lack of interest from her. So lately I decided to do the same thing to her. She sent me 2 texts and I didn't reply at all. We went like 2 weeks of no contact. Until this week my mum told me that she has to come to my city for a wedding and she will probably come home. She didn't call me or text me to tell me that. nothing. So today she came at home i said hi and asked her how she is doing and walked off. After hours my mum told her to come to talk to me and she came. She said hi and sat after few Seconds she said i sent you 2 messages and you didn't respond. I didn't reply to what she said, like nothing. We sat there for like 5 minutes i didn't say nothing, and then she went out. When she was going home she came and tell me im gone i said bye. And I'm wondering did I act too rude to her by not talking to her? Did I handled it right? She looked pissed when she came to say goodbye though. I don't know how to renitiate with her again!? I like her!