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I pickup an old Cushmen Trackster. I was told the engine was bad and was removed. The engine had great compression so I reinstalled it got it running drove it from the back yard to the front yard shut it off. Three days later if fired right up wouldn't move at all I changed the filters the hoses to the coolers still no luck... My question is are these worth messing with or should I just pull the whole system out and re-power with hydraulic pump and motors. Looking at the manual is looks like it would be fairly easy just a little fabbing.

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great to have you join the forums

the preferred repower set up, Honda, lots of them done and well sorted out setup

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Thanks for the advice. I get the Honda repower for the engine but I think the Transmission is shot too. It moved at first now its completely dead in the water will run but wont move. I am thinking of a whole new drive system.

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It's probably the cdi ignition. Causes no spark. They also have points I believe.

use to be a guy who specializes in these. Think he closed.