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Hi, i’m 23 & my boyfriend and I have been dating and living together for 2 years now. i haven’t had a job since i’ve been with him & every time i would say i want to get one he says “ you’re gonna cheat on me i know how this works coworkers always end up sleeping together “ & i told him that wasn’t true but he still wasn’t having it. so i stopped pressing the matter bc he takes care of me but i’ve always been a very independent person i have taken care of myself since i was 17 so it’s hard to not being able to do anything for myself. i brought it up again not too long ago and he’s said he going to get me a new computer so i can work from home. it just feels like he wants me constantly trapped here. he literally gets so mad if we are in the grocery store or in the car & some guy looks at me ( i never even know they look) & he gets mad & says “oh were you staring at him” “he’s being disrespectful right to my face he needs to stop looking” & the thing is i’m not looking at other guys & last month i saw he liked this girls photo & i brought it up & he got defensive and said “that’s my friend i can’t like my friends picture bc i saw she was doing good. she doesn’t even look like that in person. she has a boyfriend.” but it hurt my feelings because i don’t like any other men’s photos at all. also my sex drive has been low for like the past year so we don’t have sex all the time bc i’m stressed & depressed & it bothers him all he seems to want to do is have sex & when i say i’m not in the mood he gets mad. recently in the last two months we have had sex more often but the past couple weeks he’s been coming home from work and i try kissing on him but he says he’s tired but still watches tv and stays up so i roll over to sleep and not even 5 minutes later he’s masturbating then when i say something he acts like he’s sleeping. i know men need sex more and i’m not mad he masturbates just mad he does it when he thinks i’m sleeping then pretends he’s not doing it. sometimes i think he’s cheating. i don’t know what to do.


Trust is key to a healthy relationship. If he cannot trust you, especially when you have given him no reason to distrust you, I know I'd be tapping into those self-reliant skills and moving on. Try addressing that issue directly with him, and if he does not respond positively, you can use his lack of respect toward your concerns as fuel to leave.


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Who is the most important person in your life? You, or him? Do you first. If he doesn’t like it- move on. You won’t be alone forever… I mean, you got guys staring at you in the parking lot 😉👍



Don't walk away, run.
Break ALL TIES...No calls, texts, emails, nothing ever again.
He is a manipulative asshole!

Get out now, and never look back.
You may have to get police and courts involved in the end. This guy is very mentally unstable!