Helmet Cam VIDEO: Rider plunged off 70' cliff, lives to tell his story


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Uh, and this is why I don't ride on narrow trails along cliffs that can plunge me into a waterfall. Yes, I am a chickenshit.

The good news is that the water probably washed this guys undershorts clean of the massive dump he likely took during the fall :bolt:

FULL STORY HERE and video => https://www.advpulse.com/uncategorized/rider-plunges-down-terrifying-cliff-lives-to-tell-about-it/

Follow the link above to the full story and to the video.

When Rick Hogge throttled his 2019 KTM 300 XC-W TPI off the edge of Colorado’s Schofield Pass last week it was an “Oh Sh*t!” moment for the ages. The software infrastructure architect from Texas, out trail riding near Crested Butte on an annual trip with his buddies, says things didn’t slow down like they do in the movies. Instead, he barely had time for a “Sh*t. Oh my God!” as he plunged from the 70-foot cliff, thinking of his kids and scrabbling for purchase.

How did his morning go so wrong? From a technical standpoint, it involved a dire lack of momentum over a very tricky uphill rock garden, followed by a potent shot of whiskey throttle. “I chose a riding line on the left as I thought it looked easier. I wasn’t going quick enough and the front tire got kicked to the left which caused my throttle hand to twist and … well .. you saw the rest,” explains Rick.

It was an ugly moment for sure, caught in graphic detail as Hogge’s helmet cam takes us along for the tumble. At the height of the video’s pucker factor, we watch him ricochet off an outcropping and go airborne only to splash seconds later right into the center of a small but deep plunge pool between rocks and two waterfalls.

Despite the pool being named Devil’s Punchbowl, what we witness in this video is a miracle of celestial proportion.



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Very lucky indeed!!

I ride my bike alot (Mountain bike) and I have fallen alot myself.... When you feel yourself falling,sometimes the best thing to do is JUST FALL.... Trying to stop it usually makes it worse. (I have done that!!!)