Helly Hansen Freeway Insulated Jacket


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I'm looking at ordering one of these jackets but I'm worried about overheating.

Does anyone out there have one?

Does the Helly Hansen Freeway Jacket have pit-zips? The website doesn't mention any but one of the website pictures seems to show a zipper pull dangling from the sleeve of the jacket.

Anyone? Time is of the essence. :unsure:


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Here are a couple of pix.

See what looks like a zipper pull on the model jacket's right undersleeve? (on the left when you look at the picture).


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I called HH and they said Yes, the Freeway jacket has underarm zips. It's part of their H20 Flow body temperature control system.


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I don't have one but all the HH stuff we've owned has been top quality.

I have an Arcteryx with vent panels that run from the sleeve cuff up the arm to the pit, then down the side of the body. It allows core warmth but prevents over heating when doing activities outside. Not good for sitting still in cold temps but chopping wood, jogging, doing outside chores it does the trick to ventilate while keeping the core warm enough.


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My name is Frank and I am a jacket junky.

I haven't owned any HH since I lived in the UK many years ago. When you worked in the oilfield in the North Sea HH was almost standard issue. The quality and performance was excellent. I only have one piece of their gear left in my work closet and it never gets cold enough in East Texas to wear those insulated coveralls. In fact, they were almost too warm for Wyoming in winter.

Depending on the jacket and it's purpose, I love pit zips. Overheating can be downright unpleasant, not to mention dangerous and pit zips allow you to dump a lot of heat and moisture fast.

Go for it. It looks like a good jacket.