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After a New York Times article praising China and the Chinese Communist Party's response to the coronavirus, I began to wonder how much influence China has in American media. And the rabbit hole went deep. China has been paying for expensive dinners and trips to China for American journalists from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Wall Street Journal, plus many others. And that's just the beginning, billionaires like Carlos Slim and Jeff Bezos have major business and investment interests in China. And they own newspapers. And 5 Mega corporations, like Disney, own 90% of everything you see on TV. What affect does that have on how we view China? Find out on today's America Uncovered!
F'ing Bidewn is a CCP asset. We all know about the $10M for the "big guy" on Hunter Biden's laptop. And the FBI is nothing but a political tool of the left along with the DOJ. We should all loath and hate the Democrats for selling out our nation, to the enemy we all know China is. For God's sake they gave the entire world Covid-19. Then Dems used it to steal an election along with the $4M Zuckerberg gave to cheat lie and steal.
Now the CCP is free to rape America...
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