Had an issue with our Heat Pump


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A couple of weeks back, Monica and I weren't feeling well and the house was chilly so we turned the heat on. Heat pump came on and was working fine. We got to feeling better (sort of) and the outside temperature warmed back up so we turned the heat back off. Over the weekend it got cold outside - down into the low 40s and finally in the 30s last night. I turned the heat back on but the heat pump wasn't coming on, it was going to the gas furnace.:sad: Oh crap I thought, another repair bill. We've already had 2 repair bills with this Heat Pump/Furnace system and it just at 4 years old. So I got to playing with the thermostat settings. It seems as though all of the settings at reset itself back to factory and the breakover point was set back to 55 degrees.. I'm guessing at this point, back when we were w/o power for 4 days it reset itself. It must have a capacitor in it to save the settings for awhile, but probably not that long. So I reset it and all is well again.

FWIW, this is a Lennox system where the settings are controlled on the thermostat. Our old system has a box on the outside of the heat pump to manually control the breakover point.