Had a stroke!


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Omron is a good BP machine. I have one and have taken it to my Doctor's office to verify it's readings and they were right on.

I figure you are right about timing being of the essence. Good job figuring it out as quickly as you did. Yeah, you should have played the lotto that day. :thumb:


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Stroke and heart attack ... they call it the golden hour for a reason. Your chances of survival or recovering without any disabilities greatly decrease after an hour without treatment.

I saw that with my own father. It was 1 hour and 20 minutes from the time that he had his stroke to the time they actually started treatment. He recovered and he recovered pretty well but he always had pins and needles in his left hand and when we'd walk he'd always drift off to the left. You had to keep on grabbing him and pulling him back. :smile: God, I miss that old man.

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I hope you get better I had a friend once that had a stroke two years later you couldn't tell he had ever had one his wife wasn't so lucky. my mom just had her second one. I think its about time I rat hole some emergency travel funds incase I have to make a trip real fast.


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Been three months now.
I still have a slight tingling in the tips of my right thumb and right pointer finger.
Went to visit the doc today. We went over every tests they did at the hospital, and all the bloodwork. One by one - he took the time to do this, and there were lotsa tests.
Net-net - my heart is great, my arteries clear, no leaking between heart chambers, head and brain scans were find, blood work (who knew how many things can be checked with blood!) is all good except he wants me to work on raising my LDL. He says Olive oil will do the trick. So I guess I'll be dipping bread into olive oil jacked up with some roated garlic and spices every dinner. Too bad, eh?
Other than that, I am good!
I guess I will never win the lottery since I used up all my luck with this one.


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Good to know man. I'm so glad that you are doing well.

With my dad, that tingling in the hand, he called it pins and needles, never fully went away. He said that after a while it didn't bother him. He could just tune it out.