Growing Conspiracy Against Add-Blockers


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I've been observing more and more places placing some sort of protest against add blockers. Sometimes it a nice polite popup window asking for their page to be whitelisted to big overwhelming popups that totally deny content access unless they are whitelisted or go through a pay window for access.

In my defense I did not want add blockers. But with the proliferation of adds and their use of flash and other means to draw attention draws to much bandwidth for the obsolete DSL carrier I'm stuck with. Am I wrong to resent these places for attempting to shove their adds and watch the little wheel slowly go round loading.. Or they in the right forcing me to view adds for access to content..


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I'm keeping my ad blockers. If they won't let me in without ads, I'll go elsewhere.
accuweather pops something up every time I refresh saying I should allow or buy an ad removal something or other. That's not going to happen. AdBlock is showing me it's blocking 53 items on their page so I know there's a lot of crap I don't want to see.

Ad blocking was more important to me years ago when I had limited bandwidth. Now, I just don't want them, period. If I'm interested in something, I'll go look for it.