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I've been looking at groomers for a couple of months trying see what I would really like to purchase. I have a couple of questions. On the tuckers I been in a couple with rubber tracks. How do the ones with pontoons and steel tracks compare. As far as going through deep snow and staying on top and ride, steering ect? Also I've see a lmc1800 thats pretty cheap price. How do they compare over all for dependability cost of parts to fix.
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I've heard from a good source the 1800 was filled with electrical gremlins. I would expect that some one proficient in wiring could fix the problem by building a new harness. I have talked with a few guys who say the twin tracks are better for grooming than the tuckers with all the moving parts in the 5th wheel assembly's to wear the steel tracks will likely out preform any thing out there but there is a lot of maintenance with them and they are a deep snow only unit they won't last long on barren ground. the Thiokol 2100 may be something to consider if you have the room for a 12 foot wide machine they tend to be simple effective and reliable.

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Another Massachusetts snowcat guy? who would have thought we cornered the tucker market in this state? Me, Davenet, and now you. Welcome. Lots of good info on here and plenty of opinion. Am partial to Tuckers but I plan two own a twin track in life as well.

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