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Got a new Honda Ridgeline and loving it.


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Unless you regularly are hauling huge loads, who cares. It sounds absolutely perfect for your needs. ....
I used to tow things but no longer do that. So it's no longer an issue.

Never took a truck or any of my Jeeps far enough off road to ever worry about and the Ridgeline will be treated the same. Sure it will be off roads, but typically in grass fields or other reasonably tame things. Not rock crawling, etc. I just never do that.

I do frequently haul BULKY but not heavy things, the Ridgeline will do that better/easier than my prior Nissan. Load weight capacity is basically the same across all the compact trucks but the bed in the Ridgeline is just so damn easy to use, largely because of the truck tailgate, which makes it much easier to load/unload many types of items.

And honestly, at 61 years old, I'm looking for a comfortable ride and the Ridgeline simply offers a luxury ride compared to the Ranger, Frontier, Tacoma, etc...

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come on now, I am 81 and I love the ride of my Frontier. It is softer and smoother than my Tacoma or Gladiator. Have a goodun!!!!!


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Will a quad fit in the Ridgeline?

Something such as a Grizzly 700, or similar?
I'm curious is all.