GMO "Impossible Burger" positive for Carcinogenic Glyphosate


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The genetically modified vegetarian hamburger meat-substitute sold under the brand name "Impossible" and "Impossible Burger" is apparently loaded with the main chemical found in RoundUP herbicide. In fact it tested 11 times higher for the chemical than its main competitor, the "Beyond Meat" burger.

All this is from a press release from Moms Across America. Here is PART of the press release. Full release is at the link at the bottom.

GMO Impossible Burger Positive for Carcinogenic Glyphosate​

Posted by Zen L Honeycutt 4607.40GS on May 16, 2019

GMO Impossible Burger Tests 11X Higher for Glyphosate Weed Killer Residue than Beyond Meat Burger

Updated July 8, 2019

A Monsanto trial jury awarded the plaintiffs over $2 billion dollars, for the connection between the glyphosate-based herbicide, Roundup, and their cancer. Today, Moms Across America announces that the Impossible Burger* tested positive for glyphosate. The levels of glyphosate detected in the Impossible burger by Health Research Institute Laboratories were 11 X higher than the Beyond Meat Burger. The total result (glyphosate and its break down AMPA) was 11.3 ppb. Moms Across America also tested the Beyond Meat Burger and the results were 1 ppb.

“We are shocked to find that the Impossible Burger can have up to 11X higher levels of glyphosate residues than the Beyond Meat Burger according to these samples tested. This new product is being marketed as a solution for “healthy” eating, when in fact 11 ppb of glyphosate herbicide consumption can be highly dangerous. Only 0.1 ppb of glyphosate has been shown to alter the gene function of over 4000 genes in the livers, kidneys and cause severe organ damage in rats.**** I am gravely concerned that consumers are being misled to believe the Impossible Burger is healthy.” stated Zen Honeycutt, Executive Director of Moms Across America.

The Impossible Burger is a new genetically modified (GM) plant-based product that was prominently featured at the Natural Products Expo West. Burger King, White Castle, Hard Rock Cafe, Red Robin, Cheesecake Factory** and hundreds of other restaurants now carry the product where it does not have to be labeled or described as GM on the menu. The Impossible Burger is made of GMO soy, which has been shown to cause organ damage in animal studies and has been shown to be significantly different from non-GMO soy. The GM ingredients of the Impossible Burger, which includes a genetically modified yeast and GM soy leghemoglobin proteins, 46 of which are undisclosed and untested, are even more concerning to many consumers than the long-term health effects from glyphosate because of the reported immediate allergic reaction potential, which is acknowledged by the manufacturer. The part of the genetically modified soy used in the Impossible Burger has never before been allowed in the human food supply and has not been properly safety tested.

Although the leghemoglobin soy is claimed to be “identical to soy heme which has been consumed for thousands of years”, the following question posed by Consumers Report’s Michael Hansen has never been answered: “How could the heme in the Impossible Burger be 'identical' to the heme humans have been consuming for hundreds of thousands of years in meat and other foods if you genetically engineer it?”

***UPDATED: Impossible Burger Ingredients: (All ingredients in red could be GMO OR sprayed with glyphosate herbicides as a drying agent)
Water, Soy Protein Concentrate, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavors, 2% or less of: Potato Protein, Methylcellulose (possibly from cotton), Yeast Extract, Cultured Dextrose, Food Starch Modified, Soy Leghemoglobin, Salt, Soy Protein Isolate, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Zinc Gluconate, Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Niacin, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Vitamin B12.

Soy, sugar, and cotton are commonly sprayed with glyphosate herbicides as a drying agent before harvesting. The “natural” product - which could contain more than 80% GMO ingredients- also contains potatoes, which may be genetically modified, and could also absorb the chemical through the soil after pre-planting herbicide applications. Glyphosate does not wash, dry, or cook-off and was listed on the Prop 65 California EPA list of carcinogens in 2017.

Glyphosate herbicides have not only been proven to be carcinogenic, but they are also neurotoxic, endocrine disrupting, cause DNA damage and liver disease at ultra-low levels, lower than what was found in the Impossible Burger.


Glyphosate herbicide is also widely sprayed on animal feed, which harms the health of animals, so supporting the use of this herbicide by consuming the Impossible Burger and other non-organic products is an animal welfare issue as well.

The impact glyphosate and GMO have on products can no longer be ignored. Honeycutt considers, “If Bayer goes bankrupt due to the outcome of about 14,000 lawsuits filed against them for the carcinogenic effects of glyphosate herbicides, who will become liable for harm to the public? I wonder if it will be retailers and food brands who continue to expose the public to toxic glyphosate herbicides.”

Moms Across America calls upon consumers to ask their restaurant and grocery stores not to sell this product ...

*Impossible Burger is manufactured by Impossible Foods.

** Article corrected from Del Taco and Carl's Jr-they carry the Beyond Meat Burger.

*** Updated May 18, 2019, to include all current ingredients. The Impossible Burger no longer contains wheat.

**** Updated May 18, 2019, with links to organ and kidney damage. Glyphosate has also been shown to destroy gut bacteria at " safe" levels as well.

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Yea alot of GMO food I dont eat casue it bothers me....

I have started eating sokem conventional food again but if it spefically says its GMO or SOME OF IT IS,I wont eat it....


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I saw it on the BK menu. Had to ask what it was. LOL Once they told me I passed and tried something else. Yuck.


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I saw it on the BK menu. Had to ask what it was. LOL Once they told me I passed and tried something else. Yuck.
Funny thing is that this "meat" product, if that is what you can call it, is generally perceived to be a healthy alternative to eating real meat. People typically believe that eating vegetarian is healthy. And it may be. But if it is loaded with herbicides one has to wonder how healthy it can be?
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I was tempted to try one, but didn't.
BK used to have the BK veggie burger that Steve and I used to get while I was in England. It was good and had the flame grilled flavour.

Seems like every restaurant and food production market are coming out with plant based options.
Years ago I'd have been thrilled.


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Plant based can be very good stuff.

But it shouldn't contain poison. Glad you "passed" on trying this one. One probably won't hurt but why risk it.


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The main thing that is impossible about that burger is the fact that it is totally impossible to ever get me to eat one. :lmao:

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So these phonyburgers can be used to control weeds?
:lmao: Good one Waybomb!!

I spent 30 years growing non GMO soybeans for food use.
I have never believed we should use the miracle of genetic manipulation for pesticide resistance, and the Bt protein that in plants kills bugs ( Yellow dent corn) This tech was wasted IMHO, and perhaps should not even been used. As it stands today, our Global food production has grown faster than world population has. This has led to low commodity prices and kept food costs in check. Round up has made it possible for people like me to expand acreage farmed by a factor of at least 10X because we no longer do an operation called mechanical cultivation. We see higher yields in fields when we do not cultivate, as you do some damage to the crop as you cultivate. After lunch naps at the wheel can destroy a 40' swath 300 ft long in just seconds. :ermm::pat: A quick trip up in airplane or a drone camera makes this damage very apparent...
I quit growing non GMO beans several years ago. The premium's being paid kept declining over time, yet we were being told it was an expanding market. It got to the point the extra labor in the crop year, and the extra trucking it took to deliver them to the processor (75 miles 50 trips, 2 semi's) was no longer making it worth my time...

Another truth about food is the selection of what we grow of a given crop is totally dependent on how much that particular variety will yield in salable crop. For many decades no one has paid any attention to the nutrient values of our crops. Studies indicate we have lost as much as half of the nutritional value of our crops over the last 60 years. Not a good strategy at all, but that is what indeed has happened..

As a Man with testicles I would never ever eat any of this fake meat. Soy Boys? ever heard that term? Non fermented soy is like taking estrogen as a man. In time your testosterone will diminish and man boobs, erectile disfunction, low sperm counts WILL OCCURE!!!! 😲 So I no longer ingest any soy knowingly as a part of my daily diet. Soy sauce and Hoisin sauce, bean paste, are all fermented Soy, and the estrogen mimicking compound is thoroughly destroyed.

People should stop experimenting with food, both on a manufacturing level, and a personal level as well. Learn to cook using whole ingredients, no boxes or bags allowed. If your grand parents did not eat it, maybe you should not either. Cooking is fun, but takes work and planning. If you invest the time and effort you will be rewarded handsomely. I believe you may well live a longer more healthy life as well as eat like a king for pennies on the dollar of the store bought garbage...

Beef, it's what's for dinner. (y) (At my house lol...)

Regards, Kirk
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Doc said:
I saw it on the BK menu. Had to ask what it was. LOL Once they told me I passed and tried something else. Yuck.

Yuk is right!!!! -- I will not ever try it!! (Especially after this helpful thread)


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Funny thing is, the people that get into this crap are also the same ones that want never-ever and minimally processed.
Can't say much about it, but these things are far from minimally processed. Bags of this, jugs of that, mix it high, mix it low, add some more of this, add the color, emulsify and so on.
It's like the "No Nitrites Added" crap. The meat is not grey, it's red. Why? Nitrites. Maybe not added, but actually formed in the meat during the process. The nitrites are there, same level as a nitrite added piece. Just not added, but made in the piece.
Buncha crap. Give me a prime plus aged New York Strip any time of any day. At least and inch and a quarter thick after searing and cooking. Mashed potatoes mashed in butter. Creamed spinach. Brussel sprouts. A nice Napa Cab. Finish up with a nice port and some flan. Burp.


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Funny, vegetarians want meat products made of vegetables.
Yet you never hear of a carnivore wanting vegetables made of meat.

Personally, I think there's a whole bunch of people who are just fooling themselves.
STFU, and go eat a cow!