Get out of your trucks now!!


Mr Lovable
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So, President Cheap Shot gives ISIS a 45 minute warning before bombing them. Wouldn't want innocent ISIS truck drivers to get hurt now would we?

Not to worry though, el-bama will most likely buy them new trucks.

Screenshot 2015-11-23 15.09.17.jpg

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Diesel Truck Fan
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Gee, with 45 minutes warning, we could have gotten most or all of the innocent civilians out of the world trade center.


Gone Flyin'
But then....Putin is a MAN!!!! O-slimmy is...well....SLIMMY!!:doh:

Putin is no man. He is an evil, power hungry, cruel, dictator with whom we will soon be in an open shooting WW3 as he attempts to rebuild the USSR.

The affirmative action retard currently doing allah's bidding from the White House is another story that slimy doesn't even begin to cover...