German is switching to COAL for electricity generation


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With the Natural Gas shipments cut off from Russia, with the French decommissioning a Nuclear Energy plant and the L.N.G. shipments halted from the USA due to an explosion, Germany, which buys electricity from its neighbor nations, is firing up some COAL BURNING facilities to generate power. No doubt the environmentalists will have a hissy fit over this.

But you can't really blame Germany for looking out for its own and abandoning "green energy" in favor of actually being able to supply energy to it's people. Obviously they want to use as little coal as possible and maximize their renewable energy, but the renewables simply can't produce what they need so they are turning to coal.

Germany turns to coal for electricity amid gas shortage concerns

Germany had plans to phase out all coal-fired power by 2038

Germany plans on limiting the use of natural gas and increasing the use of coal to generate electricity over concerns about a possible gas shortage as Russia cuts supplies, according to German Economy Minister Robert Habeck.
"That’s bitter, but it’s simply necessary in this situation to lower gas usage," Habeck, an environmentalist Green party member, said, the Associated Press reported.
Russia's majority state-owned Gazprom announced plans last week to sharply reduce gas to the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. Although the company cited technical reasons, Haebeck said the move appeared political.
. . .​
The German government is asking citizens to reduce their energy use due to the supply situation.
The European country is hoping to fill its gas storage facilities to 90% capacity by this fall in order to ensure heat throughout the winter. The facilities are currently at less than 60% capacity.
Habeck said the shortfall can be made with purchases from places other than Russia, but the situation is still "serious" and further measures may need to be taken. . .


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Looks the the Dutch are re-committing to COAL for power. Austria also is reinvesting in COAL for power generation.

Of course they are blaming Putin. Can't say as I blame them for that. But the reality is that "green energy" has been costing Europeans billions every year.

The Netherlands removed any limits on power production from coal-fired plants to help ensure energy security, joining other European countries in turning to the heavily polluting fossil fuel to stave off potential shortages of Russian natural gas. . . .
“Without additional measures, it is no longer guaranteed that we, in Europe and the Netherlands, will be able to fill the gas storage facilities sufficiently in preparation for the winter,” Jetten said.
The decision comes amid similar moves by the German and Austrian governments, which revived coal production in response to a cut in Russian gas supplies. . .
. . . The government said Monday the plants now will be allowed to produce at full capacity, “reducing the risk of gas shortages and making it easier to fill the gas storage facilities in the Netherlands and Europe.”
“We had to make difficult choices,” Jetten said.
Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government also unveiled an “early warning” system for gas security, making it mandatory for companies to share detailed information about supplies on a daily basis.
The nation turned to coal rather than increasing production at the controversial Groningen gas field, as a group of energy advisers advocated. The field has been a key source for much of Western Europe, as well as being the backbone of Dutch sovereign finances, since production started in 1963 . . .


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I think if everything you read is correct, we are in for a ride, shortages of everything coming and the worst of all is the energy. First the cost just keeps rising, the DEF and the diesel oil shortages are going to rear there ugly head very soon. Everything grown, manufactured and delivered will be effected. Electrical rates are rising as fast as everything else. I got a questionnaire from PG&E asking me to describe what hardships blackouts would cause me and if I had a generator?? WTF does that mean going forward. To me it means they are telling me that the electricity is not going to be reliable and I should protect myself. The other thing I expect is shortage of medicine. I haven't seen anything on that topic but hey why not. I wouldn't want to live somewhere dependent on tourism for an economy, thats going to come to a screeching halt. When will things recover? Ever since COVID we have been on a downward spiral and now with uncle Joe in the white house it has been accelerated. American conservatives are the last line of defense before we get a world government. When America falls it all falls.