Genteq ECM 3.0 issues

Hello, I have a Carrier furnace that started acting up last week after 8 years of great service. During the start up the blower motor will start to spin but will make a loud banging/vibrating sound, this will go on for several attempts when eventually the furnace will shut down and flash the error code 41. I have used the diagnostic chart which has instructed me that the blower motor ECM module needs to be replaced. I have tested the motor and it is fine and can't feel any play in the bearings.

Before I go and buy a replacement module I wanted to be sure that it is indeed the issue. Has anyone ever seen a blower act up like this before, I spent hours searching and couldn't find anyone with a blower acting up in the same way. The blower motor is a Genteq ECM 3.0 GC07. I have attached a link to show how the motor is acting up and the banging sound can be heard throughout.

Thank you