gas prices

National news said gas dropped a couple cents a gallon, but here in Ohio, I saw a 10 cent increase. :confused:

Lowest I saw yesterday was $2.79 a gallon.

What are you seeing where you are?
Yesterday morning, there were a couple stations at $2.71 - $2.75.
Yesterday evening, everyone was at $2.79
Yesterday I paid $2.72 for Premium, same station had $2.52 for Regular.

Same station today is $3.05 for Premium, $2.85 for Regular. $3.00 for Diesel.
$3.00 for diesel, $2.93 for premium, $2.85 regular. :eek: I don't think the cost is per gallon anymore, it's cost per Btu! :mad: :confused: :eek:
Well I just got some bad news and it is all because of gas prices. The lady who drives around in the mobile dog grooming van and comes to my office to brush/bathe my dogs won't come to my office anymore. Her van gets 4mpg. She said that she just can't justify the cost so she is cutting down her territory. I offered her an extra $10 per trip for gas but she said no since she already cut out her other customers that are near my office. The reason the van gets such bad mileage is that it has a few hundred gallons of water in it, a propane heaters, etc. Essentially it is a rolling dog grooming salon. I'm bummed. I guess I'll just have to shave the dogs from now on:rolleyes:
Tell her that you will give her an extra $30 to do it. It is worth it when you find a good groomer.