FS: 2004 Camry Solara SLE


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2004 Toyota Camry Solara SLE v6 auto, Loaded! Great condition. 25mpg with plenty of power, Heated Leather seats, Sunroof, 6 disc changer, fog lamps, 192k miles. One Owner. Plenty of good miles left on this baby. Have always used Mobile One Synthetic Oil from 1st oil change on. Paint: Pearl White, front bumper has a 1" peel spot. Everything works except for tire pressure monitor, all owners manuals included. Nice Ride. Very dependable. $4400 No Trades



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I might be looking for something like this.

Can you tell me/us anything about the maintenance history? Scheduled maintenance (the big items like timing belt, water pump... replacement) as well as any pertinent small stuff.


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Hey Brian, This has been the most dependable car I've ever owned. I had the waterpump and timing belt done in 2011 (I think) at 120k. Other than that brakes and oil changes have been done my myself occasionally but mostly by my son. I use blackstone every other year or so to ensure the oil change interval is within bounds and it normally shows I can go 12 to 15k before changing. I opt to change the oil out at 8k. I use Mobile one. 0 / 30w.

I've advertised it a few places. On ebay it will show a vehicle report showing 3 accidents. 2 deer and one fender bender. Each was less than 2k to fix. Toyota body shop where I bought the car performed all repairs. The report does not give those details but it rates the car above what they consider a 'good' / 'desirable' rating.

There are some used cars I would feel bad selling to a friend. This is not one of those. It runs like a top. On the Toyota Nation forum I see guys bragging of 300k and 400k on their similar model Toyotas.

I have one gal that texted me last night interested and I offered to show it to her later today. No reply from her yet on that.


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Thanks for the info. I'm in no hurry right now so if you get a buyer, go for it.

Already have 5 vehicles for 3 drivers. My son will start driving in a year so I'm just pondering how to work it all out. When I saw this thread, I was thinking of something like this for my daughter then having my son drive the car she's driving now (not as nice as yours but a solid runner,tight and low miles).