For Sale: 1972 bombardier sv250


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Our daily driver needs to go since the kids are big enough to ride sleds in and out. Has a two man cab with flatbed, trailer hitch for pulling a sled or implement, and a six-way blade for pushing snow that is connected via quick-couplers so you can drop it easily for light duty commuting. Everything works but the hour meter and the parking brake. It runs great, has great heat, is about impossible to get stuck and will push a lot of snow. Has a Ford automatic tranny, inline six motor and rearend. Work we did: refinished inside of fuel tank, new sending unit, fuel lines and filters, rebuilt carb, Ignition resistor, coil, distributor points and rotor, plugs and wires, starter solenoid, fan belt pulley bearings, belts, fresh battery and battery box, new OEM radiator, complete reman ford industrial 255 (have paperwork), a gauge or two (matched the originals), exhaust and one steering brake master cylinder. Previous owner did new solid tires in front, drive sprockets in rear, tranny rebuild, brake bands, and ring and pinion in rear. Needs cosmetics only. Track rubber is fair, grousers and guides are all good. Have original parts manual. Drivetrain is all Ford and we have the phone number for the Bombi place in SLC that has gotten us any snowcat specific parts without a problem. Seats are tired, but if you are handy, I have a pair of good leather seats out of my wife's old Volvo I'd throw in for nothing. $10,500
P.S. It is 9'6" wide and weighs 5500 lbs, spec sheet is attached. She just fits on a 16' trailer hanging off of the sides a bit, has to be a highdeck without fenders.


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