First Trip of The Season


Here are a few pictures from the first trip of this season last weekend with the FBI Rig in its new home at 4,000 feet in the Talkeetna Mountains of Alaska. It goes great in the deep snow!


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Teledawg, haven't I seen that rig somewhere else before? :yum: Great Pics. :thumb: We are pleased it ended up where its full potential can be appreciated and utilized. I was sure it was hungry for some great snow and you have it at your location. It was great dealing with you and I hope everything is working as planned on your end. We are looking forward to the day we can make our Alaska trip and enjoy your great state...Bill & Jan


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Hey,why don't you send some of that snow down here to Nenana!!! nice looking snow shovel to !!! If you ever get to Nenana stop in and have coffee at the Roughwoods INN and cafe. real nice pix. Larry & Ruth

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The last time I saw her she was on the back of a Chevy 1 ton 4x4 with a special piggy back towing set up. She sure looks good in the snow. Of all the Cats I have driven and own nothing so far compares to the deep powder perfomance of a Snow Master or Track Master period! I chuckled when they called me to assist them pull out two Tuckers and one abomination not sure what it was. Anyway I chuckled because the operator of the new Tucker kept going on about How "GREAT" a deep snow performer his 140K machine was months before. HA! Here I come up in this beat up looking painted 4 times with one coat plastered on the other and crappy carpeted Snow Master. I pull up and proceed to yank them out. It was funnier when they asked what kind of engine she had and I opened up the hood to show them a 50 hp aircooled VW engine. She may not have had much HP but she sure had the gearing!

Glad to see shes where she will get some deep powder use! PLEASE post some vids if you can! You Tube or here.


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We were off to a good start in Nenana, had about a foot of snow then that stupid "Global Warming" kicked in and melted half of it....

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Dont worry. In about 10 years we will be heading for another Ice Age! At that point I will start crying for us to start polluting again!


Great photos, my project is going a little slower then I had hoped still trying to find some parts. I still want to get over and see that machine in person and your other one.


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The machine looks good! I'm currenlty working with an Engineer from Talkeetna. I dragged that machine all the way from Hazel Dell WA, to North Pole Alaska, and back to Washington. It's become quite the 'world traveler' since then: Washington to Montana back to Alaska! The 3 trips to and from Alaska are some 7500 Miles!


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I'll be making my first trip of the season this weekend. Been given the green light to go ahead and start packing trails with the Lamtrac. I'll try to remember to bring the camera and take a few pics.(will start a separate thread once I get out there) Still not much snow up here but enough to get a base going for the trails.