First harvest of 2015: CHIVES!!! but strawberries are turning red


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Got back from England and the Chives were just getting ready to go into full bloom.

Harvested a 5 gallon bucket of them, even after culling out the bad stalks, cutting off the bottoms where they were not deep green, we ended up with more than enough to season foods, make fancy vingars, etc. We don't dry these, we freeze them as it seems to retain the flavor better.

We've also been cutting the basil (both green & purple varieties) for salads, so I guess that is technically the first harvest, but its just daily cuttings so I don't count that as a real harvest.

New strawberry bed is planted this year, 40 plants, there are some berries that are turning red. I've eaten a few, but its still a bit early. I've had one that was actually nice and sweet and juicy. Should be about a week before they really begin to ripen up.


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The first harvest is always a lot of fun. Here in SoCal we grow year round. My DH planted way too many broccoli plants. We pulled some of them out a few days ago and planted tomatoes. I've been picking beets for the last month. I love the greens with balsamic vinegar.