Farken rodents!


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Another pest that just burns me up is mice and packrats.
Again, they are prolific in the desert.

I've had to basically throw cars away that got attacked by mice and rats chewing up the wiring.

The rats are smart enough for the most part to stay out of your basic snap trap.

Poison I won't use because my dogs will find the dead rodents, play with them, or sometimes chew them up.
They say a dog would have to eat a lot of todays almost worthless rat poison to be affected, but screw that, I love my kids too much.

One of the best traps for mice are the wind up style that can catch tens of mice a night. The only drawback, is if you forget about it for a day or two.
The mice will die and stink, or cannibalize each other.
It's much grosser than unsticking a mouse from a snap trap.

This is my basic go to for killing rats and mice.

It's simple, and it works.

A few nuts glued on the ramp with hot glue, and the rest glued to the can.

The rats jump from the ramp onto the can, the can spins, and the rodents fall in and drown.

This is my garage attached to the addition I'm in the process of building with EF block.
I thought I had the colonies mostly cleared out, so the trap was put away.
The bastards have since moved back in, shitting all over the place.
I put this back in place last night, and caught me a few good sized rats.


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That's a good idea.

I used to leave our Jeep Cherokee parked at our Ozark ranch. Not anymore. damn rats chewed the brake lines. A real surprise going down the hill to our creek.