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Extra lights on motorcycles saves lives >>> National Highway Transportation Study


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This is a 10 year old study but it is one worth considering for many in the biking community.

There are a lot of accidents where oncoming cars/trucks simply turn in front of the path of motorcycles. In fact it is one of the most common causes of death for motorcyclists. And the main reason given by the drivers of the vehicles is that they "didn't see" the motorcycle.

A set of LOW mounted lights, in combination with running the headlight, day and night, can dramatically increase your visibility. Alternately a set of higher mounted lights can also help. In either case, the lights make a triangle shape and that seems to attract attention? Or gives a larger visual footprint to the bike?

I use low mounted Denali DRL lights on my bike. They are mounted at the fork. The beam spread is 180 degree up/down and 180 degrees side/side. Can you see me now?