EXPOSED: Fake News Fabrication SHATTERED

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In a fake news “hit job,” CBS edited Governor Ron DeSantis’ press conference. . Today on Sekulow, we discussed how CBS’ 60 Minutes selectively edited footage of a press conference by Florida Governor Ron Desantis. The editing was so egregious that even the Democrat mayor of West Palm Beach, Florida defended Republican Governor DeSantis and decried 60 Minutes’ actions. Governor DeSantis spoke out about this on Fox News: "They don't believe in facts. It was a political narrative. It was done with malicious intent and a reckless disregard for the truth. They would not talk to the people who were the most relevant to this because they know those key Democrats - Jared Moskowitz, Mayor Dave Kerner - would blow up their narrative. So they just put their head in the sand and pretended like those facts didn't exist." This blatant chicanery by 60 Minutes has outraged not just Republicans and conservatives, but Democrats as well. This happened after 60 Minutes aired a story on Sunday about Florida’s vaccine rollout, which has gone tremendously well and is focused in large part on their retired population. They are making sure that the most vulnerable get their vaccines first. Something like 75% of that age group is now vaccinated and basically everyone who wants one can get one. Now you have 60 Minutes alleging some scheme between Governor DeSantis and Publix because they donated money to his PAC. If you are a major business in Florida, like Publix, you might donate to the incumbent governor’s PAC regardless of political party. 60 Minutes, of course, did not look into their past history of donations to see if they donated to both sides, which they likely have. Even if they haven’t, a major company based in any state donating to the incumbent governor’s PAC does not raise any eyebrows. 60 Minutes focused the piece on how it was inappropriate for Publix to get vaccine distribution in a few counties, not the entire state of Florida, but a few counties. 60 Minutes is branded as trustworthy, but this piece was selectively edited to falsely show Governor Ron DeSantis and Publix in a bad light. The 60 Minutes piece was even condemned by a Democrat, Palm Beach Mayor Dave Kerner, who called the reporting “intentionally false.” Our own ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell gave his take on this situation when he said: "What they have to do in these situations is not give all the facts and this is the agenda of the legacy media, of the big corporate media. CBS really, honestly needs to come out and correct the record and come clean. What 60 Minutes did should ruin their brand because this is not the first time." This was a misinformation piece conducted by, and it should be obvious by now, a far left-wing media outlet. It is why it is likely that in twenty years, shows like 60 Minutes will not be around. The public is tired of stunts like this. The full broadcast is complete with much more analysis by our team of 60 Minutes’ selective editing and subsequent attack on Governor Ron DeSantis as well as a much fuller discussion with Ric Grenell.


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DeSantis has a case against CBS News and 60 Minutes.

Full story at the link:

Gov. Ron DeSantis Should Sue ‘60 Minutes’ For Defamation

‘60 Minutes’ falsehoods provide the perfect vehicle for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to prove that Democrat propagandists posing as the press deserve no heightened legal protection.

On Sunday, CBS launched another attack on a conservative politician based on lies when “60 Minutes” peddled a conspiracy theory targeting Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. If wise, DeSantis will use this latest attack to launch a counteroffensive against the corrupt media, by suing for defamation and challenging the standard for liability established by the Supreme Court in New York Times v. Sullivan.
As The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway detailed yesterday, “60 Minutes” ignored the real scandals engulfing Democratic governors, such as New York’s Andrew Cuomo and California’s Gavin Newsom, to concoct a two-prong “pay to play” falsehood concerning the Republican DeSantis.
“Reporter” Sharyn Alfonsi launched the latest fake-news scandal last month by “reporting” from Palm Beach, Florida that DeSantis was prioritizing vaccination for seniors “because Florida seniors are more likely to be wealthy and white than the rest of the population, or because they’re more likely to vote for him.” The second arm of the conspiracy theory ran that “DeSantis had personally rammed through a decision to use Publix grocery stores for vaccine distribution” because of campaign contributions from the grocery store chain.
Hemingway exposed the facts that establish the longtime news outlet’s segment was nothing but a libelous hit on DeSantis. So what’s DeSantis to do? Sue!
Conservative politicians, like all conservatives, must make clear that they’re “not gonna take it anymore.” “60 Minutes’s” recent foray into falsehoods provides the perfect vehicle for DeSantis to pounce and prove that Democrat propagandistsposing as the press deserve no heightened protection for reporting on public figures.
After all, it is the nearly insurmountable burden the Supreme Court established in New York Times v. Sullivan for public figures to prevail in defamation cases that laid the foundation for the collapse of the respectable press. In Sullivan, the high court created the now well-known “actual malice” standard, which requires a public figure in a defamation case to prove that the defendant either knew a statement was false or acted with reckless disregard for its truth.
With the threat of financial consequences no longer in play, personal integrity and professional ethics remained the only check on journalists. While those qualities may have delayed the ruin of our free press, neither appear enough any longer to restrain a media rabid with leftist political ideology.
Thus, as Judge Laurence Silberman recently said in a dissent he penned in a defamation case in the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, “new considerations have arisen over the last 50 years that make the New York Times decision . . . a threat to American Democracy.” So “It must go.”
A mere three weeks after Silberman published these words, CBS has presented conservatives the perfect vehicle in the “60 Minutes” segment libeling DeSantis. DeSantis should sue for libel and push the Supreme Court to overturn New York Times v. Sullivan. . .


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If the MSM keeps pushing this trend to socialism I don't think they've realized once it goes to full communism, and it will, then there will be a very select few news organizations. Check on the number of news organizations in today's communist countries.


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If the MSM keeps pushing this trend to socialism I don't think they've realized once it goes to full communism, and it will, then there will be a very select few news organizations. Check on the number of news organizations in today's communist countries.
Yep. It's like a big monopoly game to all the super rich people who want to be king if the entire world. They use corporations like the MSMs to further their agendas and the MSMs know it but only care about the money they make today and to heck with tomorrow.