Essentia Health Rant


Has anyone ever had Essentia Health as a health provider? Next question: Has any of you ever been told that all your problems are due to mental health or alcohol/drug use? I stopped going to Essentia a long time ago because, upon the mere admission of occasional social drinking, suddenly I was an alcoholic in their minds. Another occasion involved a legitimate need for metoprolol and lorazepam (which I use maybe once every other month) for a heart problem (still have my first bottles from over a year ago). To Essentia, that makes me a drug addict doing anything possible to get high and took offense to me seeing a non-Essentia doctor for my heart. The girlfriend just went there for an MMPI evaluation required for a weight management procedure, and now she is a documented alcoholic too (she has one drink maybe twice a week). They attacked her for using prescription opiates a couple times a month (even though they had just performed an L4-L5 spine fusion on her) and now wants her off her (as needed and rarely used) pain meds and to see a psychiatrist. Apparently, the reason she cannot loose weight is because she is bipolar, depressed, drinks too much and has multiple personality disorder. Maybe I'm effed up too, but she sure seems fine to me and all our family and friends. I am starting to think Nancy Reagan and Michelle Obama had a lesbian child named Essentia.


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Never heard of them. Sounds like one of the regional health groups. And a giant pain in the ass too.


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I've never heard of them either but dealing with just about any health care provider can turn in to a nightmare no mater how large and "established" they are. Just remember that they are in existence to make a profit, your actual health is a secondary concern.

Do I get more and more cynical as I get older or do I get enlightened in the ways of the world? I'll contemplate that over my second toddy. :burp: