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I moved into an old house recently. Well, the wiring is too old and has not been replaced since then. I experience low voltage during the night and sometimes power fluctuation. As I'm living with my mother and two-year-old baby, I'm scared if anything will happen during the night and we'll be without electricity. Is there any emergency electrical repair available, or should I change the whole wiring system?


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That's a heck of a question.
You really should have an electrician visit your place,
If you still have fuses instead of breakers, that also means you most likely have questionable wiring.
If you have a fuse panel, the wiring is probably ok.
Your undervoltage issue may or may not be resulting from problems in your home.
Seriously - get an electrician to visit and assess what you have.


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Call in a pro and have it inspected.
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As well as having your wiring inspected, after that I would call the power company and ask about your service.
It could be they may know of issues that they have currently.
But not until you know the problem is not on your end.

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Electrical problems are not "do it yourself", I made a lot of service calls on folks that tried. As mentioned by others here, call an electrician !!


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Thank you for the reply. All your suggestions are valuable to me. Most of you have told me to get an electrician than trying DIY. I'm thinking of calling an electrical service ASAP. Thank you once again.


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Dude, I hope that you have already called of the services of a proper electrician as it is a rather nasty issue actually. I also had such a terrible experience to live in an old house, and we were also dealing with some terrible issues because of the wiring. We were having multiple power outages, I guess it was something like once in two weeks, or something like that. At last, I have called for the services of gordonpower.com/au and they have changed the entire wiring in that house, and everything was ok after that.
I have to agree with you, only a proper electrician could fix this issue.