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I doubt i will order anything from ebay again I ordedred a phone cause mine is a pos well i got a razor it didnt work so the seller sent me another one it didnt work either!!! so i didnt learn a lesson and bought a what was supposed to be a "brand new" slider phone ya it was refurbished and couldnt get it activated grrrr thank god i got all of my money back!!!!


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A few years ago, I sold some Harley Davidson collectibles on Ebay. I have purchased some glassware and a few laptop plug ins for the kids, all without a problem.


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Kitty, I'm getting similar results on ebay but so long as they refund 100% it's not too serious.

So far in 2010 I have won auctions for six 3500-page toner cartridges to put in my elderly (1992) LaserJet IIIp printer. I bid only the 'free shipping' vendors and never bid as much as $10/cartridge.

But every single one of the six cartridges I won, from 3 different vendors, was a dud! All are likely 1990's refills that went bad sitting on shelves somewhere.

The good news is 100% cheerful refunds from all three vendors. They obviously bought these as surplus and aren't arguing with my description. All have refunded 100% of what I paid, shipping and everything, at their expense and haven't demanded I send the junk back to them.

Looks like I need to give up bidding auctions for $10 cartridges and pay $35 for a real 'fresh rebuilt' cartridge.

I've run this printer (actually several of them) for 15 years now on $10 cartridges and maybe $30 overall for parts. (occasionally new feed rollers with good traction).

I'm not going to give up until I wear out the last of the six IIIp's I have here. Or can't find cartridges at any price. Operating cost is maybe 1/10th of new gear and the laser printing looks gorgeous.

But I did buy a new color laser printer this winter. At 25-50 cents per page, I'm too cheap to print anything to it! :biggrin: