early tucker photos

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I love the vintage photos.....The Dude holding the seat looks like he just walked off the set of a Gangsta movie.....
The Fedora hats certainly set the period.....
I have a personal friend that is a long time winter tour guide operator and we have talked about doing a trip for many years, and in the last couple of years he has gotten everything in place for a small group of vintage cats could do a winter trip...anytime I am ready to go...

just talked with my people and we are going to look at a 8-10 cat expedition to old faithful, January / February 2022, see if it is agreeable with the powers to be...

if I make this happen,

everyone would come in the day before and stay at the stagecoach inn, a fixture in west Yellowstone, head into the Yellowstone the next day with our tour guide, spend the night at old faithful winter lodge, nice dinner and breakfast, head out the next day back to west Yellowstone and again stay the night at stage coach inn, have a get together that evening, and those wanting to have bit more cat fun follow me over to Afton Wyoming and trek into a very remote lodge for a couple days...
Does "vintage cats" mean pontoon Tuckers exclusively?

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Does "vintage cats" mean pontoon Tuckers exclusively?
pretty sure that, no where, have I ever stated that, vintage is only pontoon tucker and or, pontoon tucker is the only vintage snow cat, so, I will leave it to you to decide what vintage means,

to me, a true vintage machine would have skiis for steering and 2 pontoons to make it go, with a little plymouth 6 cylinder for power, oh well, that's me.

while it is true, I do not speak rubber track, it is true, there is a rubber track machine or two around the place.

my only requirement would be, excellent operating condition and can be safely operated, really hate to be THAT person and or THAT group to have an issue and end up on the national news, after all, it is, Yellowstone national park...and get banned from the park for life
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Pontoon Princess

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6 solid firm I am going to matter what and counting,

not sure where luvthemvws is at about coming???

several conversation have happened about this event and things are moving forward in a positive way, I am more than hopeful we are going, did secure a block of rooms for 2 different dates, early jan and mid feb 2022
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Luvthemvws is putting his ducks in a row.
February dates work better for me.
Attending is not the problem. Being confident that I have identified and corrected all potential "Cat Problems" is.
Don't want to be The Guy That Spoils The Fun.

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live from broken top, cascades mountain range, howdy


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Pontoon Princess

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road trip time, got a special delivery of tucker stuff headed east via a relay of snow catters, first 2108 miles done.

grab the Trail-a-sled snow plane on the trip home

great to see everyone and thank you all for your help

all hooked up and ready to head over to tetonia snow plane gathering, nothing like being ready in advance, no last minute rushing about..
can't wait for winter...
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Hi Pontoon Princess,
I see you have some steel pontoons in the photo of your snow plane. I need to find two for a 443 resto project I'm working on. Would you sale two pontoons? Please PM me or call me at 253-241-8019.
Thanks, MountainMike


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