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I have another grill specimen of that style vintage down back to check. I saw another two used as outside mud door mats during a parts smuggling mission from Vermont.

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Here is my grill entry. Let me know if we need any specific measurements from 1969 with a 265.
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Same as the one I have. On yours, instead of using the mesh or the 8 slot, they added a spacer at the bottom. BUT, I don't believe that was stock. The 8 slot goes straight line the the leading edge of the frame. That way the side panels line up and wouldn't need to be bent at the bottom to bolt on.


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So don't get too caught up in the number of slots. Here's a factory six sloter. I think the eight slot grills went only to cats sold to Outback Steak House. "No Snow too deep, Make no Two the Same"


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another piece of tucker history found, and did not even know it existed, always surprised by what I do not know, thank you JC

1949, model 343, it is shorter, narrower and smaller pontoons with less rollers, round tube frame, and Plymouth 6 cylinder with 3 speed transmission, VW steering wheel

first fifth wheel machine,

first sold by the factory in 1954

and last seen on the roof of Crater Lake Lodge


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