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early tucker photos

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rubber track stuff
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Moving this up after a sighting . . .


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Tucker hiding at the bottom of the frame at the #6 Tunnel at Donner Pass, 1960s. This was a candidate I found that could possibly be my cat being used by the Southern Pacific railroad, but the grill and paint scratches don't match up, so the search continues!


San Francisco line stuck at Donner Summit in 1952. The crew and passengers started to run out of food and fuel for the locomotives after three days stranded in the sierras. A local utility company that owned a Tucker was among the first crew to make it to the train, you can see the cat and ski sled behind it just in front of the locomotive. Southern Pacific was so impressed by the Tucker and it's ability to reach the train, they started to purchase the cats for operations for at least the forty years! Which is where my cat ended up coming into the picture.

Can you spot the Tucker? Donner Ski Ranch, 1960s.

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and just when you think you know everything, Ha Ha Ha, this one shows up,

1960 Kitten Model 222, wide body, it is little over 5 inches wider than a square door kitten of the period, there is no record of it being a special body in the serial number records,



the grill is the same size and shape as a standard square door kitten


the seat is out of a 443



it does not mean that others were built. fatso, fat one, Garfield edition, fat cat etc, was sold new to a company in Chile, yes Chile, so the question is, who/why would ship it back to the states?

no snow to deep, build no two the same
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Originally ordered for a clandestine operation moving some 'weight' from Chile to the US, thus the extra width and lack of records.
Crossed back over the unguarded US - Mexico border under cover of darkness in 1962 after a two year long drive from Chile. Probably needs new rollers.

My best guess 🤔