dr who


did anyone see the dr who special?. what did you think of it

and what do you think of the show in general. a bit of a fan.... I liked david tenant best as doctor


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I used to drive past the largest Dr Who memorabilia store in the USA when my daughter attended law school. Oddly enough the store is in a small town in Indiana. Never stopped. I’m just not a fan of the show.


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I'm so old that I go back to the very first Doctor, William Hartnell, in 1963. I've kept in touch with the series ever since although I am am not a "can't miss an episode" kind of viewer. I kind of lost interest when, in an exercise of political correctness, they made the latest Doctor a woman. After over 50 years of male Doctors I suppose it had to happen. I did watch a couple of episodes in the last few days ... just for old times sake.