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Mrs. Zoom and I are planning a long weekend in the Dollywood area (Gatlinburg Tenn). One or two days in Dollywood itself.
Anyone been there and have any recommendations of what we should do (highlights)? Either in Dollywood or the Gatlinburg area?
I'm into roller coasters but would most likely be riding solo. If the lines aren't too long, I plan on hitting some of those.


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I'm just curious what the airbags look like if the coaster crashes :bolt:


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Of course, there are the Smokies right there. And if you look hard one might find a pancake place in Pidgeon Forge. LOL

Actually, Greenbriar Steakhouse is pretty good . If you do go to Pidgeon Forge try Junction 35 restaurant.

I haven't been to either town for five or so years but really, it is hard to find a restaurant that isn't a good experience with the exception of the Chain places.
Pidgeon Forge also has the Sky lift which has awesome views. As for bars and restaurants, I cannot remember all the names most likely because I got too happy there.

Laurell falls is close by worth the trip.
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