Dissenter Browser and the end of big tech for TR!


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I have been test running Dissenter Browser by Gab for about a week now. It is based on open source Chromium so it looks a lot like Chrome Browser, but has NOTHING to do with Google.

I have been systematically trying to remove us off Big Tech. Being I never use FB or Twit that part was easy. Next on my hit list is Google. First I no longer use Google Maps in our Jeep GPS system. I found Google Maps outstanding to use, loved the download maps feature and ease of use, but it is Google, so bye bye. We currently use Sygic GPS. There was a small charge but it is very good with the ability to download maps and not always use data.

Dissenter Browser is available for MacOS, Linux and Windows. I have so far downloaded it onto my iMac running BigSur V 11.1 and our WIN10 laptop. Both versions run fast and great. No issues. Looks a lot like Chrome but not Chrome.

Not a social media buff but thinking of joining Gab, the free speech social media site as they run their own off shore servers and are free of big tech. They are being censored and banned from Android and Apple as well but they are coming out with an operating system and store for those that must have social media on their phone. I most certainly do not and can easily live with that.

All in all I urge all patriots here to swear off everything they can big tech. We are in a war and in todays society the best way to hit our enemies is in their pocket book. They answer to shareholders and when they see themselves losing 75 million subscribers, it will put a crimp in their colon. Always focus your attack in your enemies pocketbook. Easiest and quickest way to destroy them. Maybe then the Dems will prop them up financially, which means the government will run things for them and we all know how well government incompetence in running businesses can screw things up in no time. Cheers.