Dishwasher Installation


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Concering mounting diswasher to the cabinetry -
I have a granite countertop - yet I have always considered the sidemount installation techniques to be a hack.
I saw some adaptors for the underside of the granite that allow the dishwasher to installed with top-mounting.

I would like to hear from those with experience using the granite underside adaptors (of any sort) and from anyone who has a strong opinions on the merits of side-mount versus top-mount for dishwashers generally.

Thanks in Advance-


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Personally, I would not recommend top mounting a dishwasher directly into granite. Over time, the machine vibrations may crack the countertop.
Thank you. I was in the weeds worrying about what would hold better and easiest to do, etc. --
Your comment is exactly what I needed to hear.