dining table and chairs.


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I love wood...can't stress this enough..

when at work the other week i come across this table and 4 chairs...chairs are in need of a good rebuild and from what i can see at first hand are solid dark wood maybe oak from the 1920's...nice motif on them...table is reproduction in solid pine yet stained down to look like oak....paid £20 for the job lot.

Well i promised to get this up and running for Christmas as the table extends out to fit 6-8 people around it...table sorted today.

Table needed the top sanded on a massive scale to remove the scratches and gouges but the rim and legs were pretty good...got a good colour match on stain so here is where we are,chairs are for tomorrow but may just source better...


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Good work Galvi and good price.

I used to love playing with wood but don't seem to have the time anymore except for emergency repairs. Still got all the tools though. :yum:


Spock and Galvatron < one and the same
That looks great Galv. I think the local price would have been around $25 USD?

Yep i think local price would have been simple $$$....it was a good day yesterday and the table sure did add to the day,i am still looking for 2 carver chairs to add to the set,this table and chairs should do us many years.

I hate wastage way to many tree's give up their lives for quality furniture ...show a little love.


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I am still using a table my grandma had. I took it to guy who refinished it many years ago. Wish I had the extra leaves for it but we seldom have that many folks for a meal so it fits our needs.