Dimming Receptacle


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My wife asked that the switched outlet in the loft be dimmable for a floor lamp. Knowing I could not just install a dimmer switch in lieu of the toggle switch and feed a standard 15A receptacle with dimmed power I did a little code research and came up with this. A dimming receptacle. The name is a little misleading as the receptacle does not actually do the dimming but is approved for the application with modifications to it in conjunction with the special plug. Notice the undersized slot on the hot side of the receptacle and the "nub" in the center. I usually install the switched half of on outlet to be on the bottom to facilitate plugging in a vacuum or other device and this outlet has it on the top. Interesting. Learn something every day. :smile:

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Maybe that is another unique feature of them? It would be upside down to me as well. From the stamped text it would appear that is how it is to be mounted and he says the hot is on the left so that also seems intentional.


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No more 3-way lamps & bulbs?

TR - If it's OK with you, I have a related question. When you use a dimmer to lower the light on a light bulb, are you using less electricity or is the same electricity being used but burned up as heat and such at the dimming device (switch in my case).

We use PAR-38 lamps in the living room (10 bulbs), kitchen (8 bulbs) and family room (4 bulbs). There's 5 dimming switches to control all these. If I run them at 1/2 brightness vs full, am I saving anything?