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Deer season was a flop!


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Lets see.

Snow Cat.
Time away from work.

did i mention snow and a snow cat.

One a scale of one to ten I don't see flop. hell even the Lions beat the bears today.



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You need to head a few miles south.
For deer.

Yup. That's an understatement. :w00t2: Lotsa 'em around here.

My neighbor shot a doe two nights ago, and killed the buck standing behind her too. He counted 60 deer in one field just two weeks back.

We've had a dozen taken off our farm in the past week. Last night I was out, and still saw 30+ in a field.

Considering how tough last winter was, I'm surprised to see so many. This spring we saw lots of twins, and even some triplets. Lots of the bucks already only have one antler left, not sure why, maybe poor nutrition from last winter?


We had quite a deer die-off from starvation around me last spring, so the herd is down a bit and the crazy weather during the regular firearms season made hunting difficult, so the harvest is way down around here. Never got enough snow to stop my stock Grand Cherokee, only about 2' that packed down pretty quick with some warmish weather. Looking forward to using my Super-Imp for a little exploring and some late season small game hunting in the new year.