Deadbeat Dad Hunter Biden Blows Off Court Hearing Over Child Support as His Lawyer


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Deadbeat Dad Hunter Biden Blows Off Court Hearing Over Child Support as His Lawyer Abruptly Quits!
by Cristina Laila December 2, 2019

Deadbeat dad Hunter Biden blew off a court hearing in Arkansas on Monday over his child support payments to his baby mama Lunden Roberts.

Hunter had a child with 28-year-old Lunden Roberts after meeting her at a DC strip joint where she worked as a stripper and she is not being compliant — she is demanding a hefty child support payment!

Lunden Roberts is demanding Biden pay $11,000 in legals fees in addition to child support and she is refusing to agree to his terms.

Dustin McDaniel, an attorney for Hunter Biden abruptly quit on Monday in the Batesville, Arkansas courtroom.

Lunden Roberts appeared in court on Monday with her father by her side.

Judge Don McSpadden demanded threes years of Hunter’s tax returns in order for him to reach a decision on child support payments.

The Daily Mail reported:

The lawyer representing Hunter Biden in his paternity case abruptly withdrew on Monday while his client blew off the hearing, can exclusively reveal.

Biden, 49, was not in the second-floor courtroom in Batesville, Arkansas, when his attorney former Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel quit.

But Lunden Roberts, 28, the woman who claims the son of former Vice-President Joe Biden fathered her child, was sitting in the front row of the spectators’ gallery wearing three-inch black heels.

In the hearing, Judge Don McSpadden said he would need at least three years of Biden’s tax returns before he could reach a decision on monetary support for the child, whose sex has not been revealed.

Judge McSpadden also ordered Biden’s team to provide Roberts with a valid address and phone number for him so papers can be properly served.

McSpadden made clear to all sides that he did not want anyone discussing the case in public. ‘This child is more important than anyone else in this case,’ he said.

Hunter Biden is demanding his financial records are kept secret in his ongoing child support lawsuit filed by Lunden Roberts.

Hunter Biden claimed in a sworn statement that he is currently in debt, unemployed with no monthly income.

In an effort to demonstrate to this court my good faith, I attest that I am unemployed and have had no monthly income since May 2019,’ Biden’s statement reads.

Hunter Biden was paid millions of dollars sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings and other positions provided by his VP daddy Joe in various pay-to-play schemes — perhaps he shouldn’t have blown all the money on crack and strippers.

One America News reporter Jack Posobiec summed it up perfectly:
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
Hunter Biden is an absolute monster for abandoning his baby and refusing to pay child support to the mother

And Joe just sits there like chump and won't even stand up for his own grandchild

Some leader

This guy is trash
11:44 AM · Dec 2, 2019·Twitter Web Client