Cost of concrete pour?


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What do y'all think the cost should be for a pole barn floor? 40 x 80 = 3200 sqft. 6" 6bag, wire reinforced. Project includes all prep to the site as well.


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More than you want to pay by the time it's all done. :p

That's true and depending on your schedule, you'll find it hard to get a quote if your project is too far in the future. That's the problem that I ran in to. I have a project that I want started next spring. Knowing that most of those cement contractors have a lead time of 3 or 4 months, I though it would be prudent to get some early input from them. Nobody was interested in looking at or quoting on a job that far in the future. I guess that I'll have to wait until the end of the year and start the process again.

The best number that I got from one of them over the phone was "EXPENSIVE".


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This may help.
Below is a quote I got in August 2019 for a driveway. For the most part, similar to a pad in a building.
Summary is $12.25/square foot. <<< 5" thick, not 6" like you want.

For your project, if we guessed $13/square foot, you're around $41,600.

materials and labor included in bid
excavate and haul existing drive to accommodate 5" of concrete and 3" gravel
form to dimensions we discussed, gravel and compact
wire mesh reinforcement throughout, overlapped 6" and tied
#4 rebar into existing foudation and adjacent pads 2' o.c.
5" thick concrete, 4000 psi w/microfiber, 4" in sidewalks and patio
hand joint, or saw cut
no refinished edges, broom to form
seal with repelz water based penetrating sealer
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Do you need to go to 6" - that seems pretty thick unless you are an industrial shop.


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First quote was 24k.
Will be backing on a 20000 pound three axle trailer with boat.
Truck is an older f700.
Probably another boat or two of similar weighs.
And a couple car lifts.