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Kind of a cool pic. Every time I crossed through, snow would fall from the top edge of the snow wall. Snow wall was straight up on the side towards the tree. Snow fence was about 13' tall.


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300 H and H

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How many miles have you put on this machine this season? Nice looking rig,:smile: and a great shot of it in beautiful, and interesting spot.

Your machine is definately growing on me. It looks like it could have come right out of the newest James Bond movie :flowers::smile:. In fact that wouldn't be a bad idea would it it!! :wink:

That Picture should be hanging on your office/shop wall enlarged a good bit. It has character.

Regards, Kirk


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Will have to check out the newest JB movie. Close to 500 miles this year. Added gas and changed engine oil. Have to admit that I was sweatin just a bit! Hard to see, but the side towards the snow fence tapered off so I stayed a bit close to the tree.