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Converting to a 5 man cab!


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Got the Cradle sandblasted, Now it’s ready to be primed and painted today! It’s amazing that this 30# formed steel holds the entire powerpack....


Snowy Rivers

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Looking good.

The weight is hanging nearly directly straight down on the side bars....you could lift the entire machine with those two side pieces.

Does the cradle sit on the bottom of the tub ????

I assume the cradle bolts into the tub at several points ????

Plenty strong hold the little 6 cyl and tranny....


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The cradle is suspended above the bottom of the tub, and you are correct in that it sits along the lip of the tub edge, but it is only held in by 4 bolts into 16ga sheet steel, mine was rusted so the entire deck of the tub was torched off and I welded 3”x3”x3/16” angle iron down the top edge from fore to aft, so now the cradle is well positioned to hold anything....original plan was for a 6BT!


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Getting some good time to work on cat in between checking the cows. Welded all the cracks in the tub, made up skid plates (I even welded directions on the skid plate, so when your upside down in the snow you know which way is forward!) then drilled holes and fitted cage nuts in the tub for said skid plates, then Wire-wheeled the tub, stripped, primed and painted! Now to set the cradle and drill the holes thru the angle iron








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After 2 years and 3 months the power pack is back where it belongs! Now to start the process of fine tuning all my measurements and make sure all my paper ideas fit into the actual machine!



Measuring up the Transmission cooler lines to replace with single piece hydraulic hose lines, the old ones transitioned between steel and rubber with adapters and pipe clamps I can’t count how many times.... KISS!!!!

Snowy Rivers

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Looks great.

Having a bullet proof oil cooler set up is nice.

All the clamps and splices is definitely not a good idea.

Just don't need a leak somewhere....


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Well it’s been a long time coming, but finally got enough parts and time to get a bunch of work done on the snowcat

Radiator hoses were a challenge but after searching the internet, books and asking the pros on here I was able to get close. Hopefully this helps others out!

Lower hose is Gates 20608 with Gates reducer 26391 (perfect fit)
Water pump measurement is 1.88” with the lower radiator being 1.5”

Upper hose is Gates 22434 cutting most of the hose off (close not perfect)
Top radiator is 2” and the Thermostat housing is 1.75”




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Love the update sorry about your tumble,
Life quote, "make sure your bridge is connected at both ends" words to live by.

Pontoon Princess

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Update incoming!!! I‘m great at taking videos but terrible at posting them…I best get better at that! But alas here is part 2

ah, what would I like to see?

it done, and on the snow this year, Okay, one can dream, right,

love the video and great work

go go go