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YIKES, I really can't match that Cord.

Here are a couple more photos of my 1967 Kaiser Jeepster DeLux Convertible. We restored it about 6-7 years ago but now it needs a bit of engine work and a few touch ups.

I really probably need to drive it more. It's also very dusty!!! Top needs a good treatment of Armorall.


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1923 White, model 50, 25 passenger, 1 of 2 purchased by Yellowstone park transportation company, yes both side exist and nearing complete ground up restoration,



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1939 Ford Deluxe for sale in Bremen, GA

1939 Ford Deluxe

I owned one of these in 1963. I was fifteen. Did a complete restoration from two models, a Deluxe coupe and a four door sedan. Both owned by my maternal grandfather. It took me two years. Flathead V/8 with 3 spds on the floor. Dual point ignition and the front windscreen cranked open. Paint, body interior, everything was perfect.

At 17, I came home one day and it was gone. Dad needed the money, I think for my College tuition, had sold it.