Classic 70 Jeep Gladiator Truck


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I just seen this on CL and thought of MD . Would be a nice project twin to the other toy. Theres pics at the link . :wink:

114k original miles on a Dauntless Buick 350, original engine, 3 speed trany, solid body, original condition, I've started stripping the paint down to the metal, and covering as I go with the black primer. Very little rust and dents, glass is all good, truck starts right up, drives great, but the brakes are hard and should be rebuilt, it is drivable as it is. I added the larger tires and wheels, tires have deep tread but are weather checked. I also have and will include the original tires and wheels, the original tires have a date stamp of 1969, and they still have tread and hold air just fine! Interior is in great shape, with very little work needed.
Thanks, Shawn
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Snowtrac Nome

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we have several up here i thaught about trying to get it i just don't need another project


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I knew a logger who had one of those and he put it through hell and then some. Wasn't much undented sheet metal on it but it went anywhere. I used to kid him that one day it would burn up from all the fuel slopped in the bed of it. He would have 8-10 five gallon cans in the back along with a bunch of saws and tools. He would park it and there was always a fuel drip from at least one corner of the bed.


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1970 was actually a great year for jeeps, they have heavy sheet metal body's and cast iron housings for the drive train, they will never make them like that again.

if the wife would let me I'd get it:thumb:

Snowtrac Nome

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the buik 350 was a great motor and the trans in my cj-5 came out of an old pick up that cast iron 4 speed is a great transmission