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Case 570MXT front wheel seal?


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I'm not a tractor mechanic, but I've done my fair share of wrenching on other stuff.

This front wheel was leaking a bit for sometime, but now it appears to be much worse.
I'll have to guess it's a bad wheel seal.

Anybody ever done one of these?

I do know a guy who's a heavy equipment mechanic. (hasn't answered me back yet)

Is this a job a guy can do himself, or is it best left to those in the know?
And...any idea what a job like this might cost?

As always, thanks for any info.


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Haven't heard back from the guy I texted, so I made a call to a heavy equipment repair place, and sent some pics.

Looks like it's not the wheel seal, but an axle seal.

I'm gonna leave this one to the pros.

Snowtrac Nome

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ive done similar type axle seals inside is a tapered roller bearing like you have on a 4 wheel drive truck but you must drain and disassemble the planetary gear first to access it be careful with the planetary parts they can be real expensive .


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Well my mechanic friend finally got back to me, but not before I had lined up a commercial outfit to do the job.
I really wanted no part of it.

It wouldn't have been the right thing to do to bail on the other guys, I might need them again someday.

They brought both an axle seal and a wheel seal.
I told the guy since he was in there replacing one, might as well replace the other.

Man, heavy equipment repair ain't cheap!
But I'll sleep better now knowing it's done, and probably done right, but yet have someone to yell at if it's not. ;)

I also got to have a look at the planetaries, and they still look real good.

Snowtrac Nome

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you now see why I want no parts of working on cars now equipment pays better and owners usually pay their bills.