Can you find the car?


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There is one in there ..somewhere.


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They both run good, thank you!

One of the best cars I ever had was a 93 Taurus wagon company car. 117,000 miles, keep it full of gas, service it, gave it a bath every so often, and one set of tires. Turned it in and picked up a new 96 Taurus wagon.

Caught fire couple of blocks from the dealer. New wiring harness, hoses, repaint one fender, etc. Couple weeks later left me on the side of the road, North Dallas Toll Road during rush hour. Then the a/c compressor froze and the belt caught fire. Hood repainted. Quit on me a couple more times. Then the paint on the hood and fender started alligatoring. At 17,000 miles I transfered to Virginia and left it behind! :yum:


Spammer Hammer
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Wish I knew. My dept had several Taurus wagons, bunch of Explorers and a couple of crew cab F250’s. That last wagon gave more trouble than the rest of the fleet. It was leased and they turned it back in as soon as they could!